Permission and Disclaimer

Whilst the utmost care is taken during the DPF clean, in no event shall DPF Fixer Ltd or its agents be held liable for any damage (including without limitation, damage to the casualty vehicle, engine, or associated DPF filter, loss of business, time or money, accidents or illnesses) caused by the uncleaned DPF, our efforts in DPF cleaning and vehicle restart, or advice concerning the vehicle. As such, neither DPF Fixer Ltd nor its agents will be held liable for any damage or loss, whether as a result of a pre-existing condition (known or unknown), as a result of the uncleaned DPF, attempts to start or drive the vehicle with an uncleaned DPF or as a result of our efforts to clean the DPF, successful or unsuccessful. 

Any work undertaken or advice given is based solely on information provided by yourself and/or the opinion of the attending technician or agent and is not necessarily the policy of DPF Fixer Ltd. We do however strongly recommend that you follow your manufacturer’s guidelines on what to do following a DPF clean. 

Although every care is taken to clean the entire DPF system, due to the design of some vehicles this may not be possible, and a residual amount of carbon deposit may remain after the DPF clean. 

Hereby you agree to the above and authorise any work carried out on the vehicle by DPF Fixer Ltd, its technicians, and/or agents in our attempt to clean the DPF and restart the vehicle.