Terms of Service

Terms of service


1.1 All Work will be booked in at a mutually acceptable time with quotations and estimated prices agreed with the Customer before commencing any work.

What this commitment means in practice is that:

  • A mutually acceptable date and time for the Work to be completed will be agreed with you at the time you make the booking.
  • During the booking process, you will be provided with clear non-technical advice on the Work, any warranty implications arising from the Work being done, the likely time required to complete the Work and the quoted or estimated costs.
  • All acceptable methods of payments will be made known to you on booking. You will be advised of any methods of payment that are not accepted.
  • At the time of the booking a booking fee will be taken in order to reserve a slot in our booking calendar and cover the cost of one of the mobile Technicians attending your vehicle at your requested address on the agreed date. The booking fee will be offset against the final payment on completion of the Work. The booking fee is non-refundable, unless you cancel the booking within 1 hour.
  • Our technicians may ask you to sign a sales invoice or equivalent clearly showing the agreed Work completed and charged for. Any additional identified and subsequently agreed Work will also be noted on the sales invoice or equivalent.
  • If it becomes apparent while providing the Services that you require additional Work to be done by a garage/mechanic, our Technician will contact you as soon as possible to explain the reasons why and to provide you with clear advice.


1.2 All Work agreed by our Technicians and Customers will be completed to a high standard.

What this commitment means in practice is that:

  • Our Technician will use up to date technical information, techniques and tooling when providing the DPF Cleaning Service to you.
  • On completion of the Work you will be provided with the signed Sales Invoice, a Vehicle Health Check and the initial vehicle diagnostic report our Technician carried out on your vehicle.
  • If you have any questions about the Work completed by one of our Technicians, let them know as soon as possible, as long as they are present at your location, and they will endeavour to respond to you as promptly and as effectively as possible. If you identify any particular issues with the Work done, the Technician will investigate these issues and, wherever possible and appropriate, rectify the issues. If you are still unhappy, report any issues to our Aftercare Team and we will ensure it is thoroughly investigated.
  • All Technicians are suitably qualified and experienced or supervised and all Work carried out is in line with good industry practice.

1.3 All DPF Cleaning Services are followed by a 14 days Warranty Period.

What this commitment means in practice is that:

  • This warranty covers the DPF Cleaning Service we carried out on your vehicle.
  • It does not cover neglect or other unrelated faults on your car that are new or unrelated to our work.
  • You as a driver have a responsibility to maintain your car and be proactive in ensuring any issues are promptly dealt with before further issues arise.
  • If you have taken your car to another repairer to investigate your fault with our work then this can result in your warranty claim being rejected. You are to present the car to us in the first instance so that we can assess and rectify the issues for you.
  • The car must be made available at the original point of repair for us to assess and rectify your issues. If this is not possible then we are within our rights to refuse or charge accordingly for any additional travel.
  • In any case of your car being off the road due to faulty parts you personally will be responsible for any additional cost this may incur, for example but not limited to: recovery fees, taxis or car hire. We will not be offering any assistance or covering any of this cost; this is your responsibility as a car owner.


1.4 All complaints will be handled swiftly and effectively using the procedure set out in this document.

What this commitment means in practice is that:

  • Our Aftercare Team shall provide you with full details of the Complaint Process on request.
  • Our Aftercare Team will cooperate with you and will take effective and timely action in order to ensure that you receive a just and prompt settlement of any complaint you have relevant to the Work provided or not provided by the Technician.
  • All complaints need to be submitted in writing and our Aftercare Team will maintain a contemporaneous written record and analysis of any and all complaints made to them.


1.5 We prefer all communications to be done in writing. This ensures that there are no misunderstandings by either party.

  • We also collect your personal details like name address and email address for marketing reasons these details will never be sold or passed on to anyone else apart from us and our marketing services.
  • Should you wish to opt out then please email us at enquiries@DPF-fixer.co.uk and we will ensure your details are removed from our marketing database.



You can contact DPF Fixer Ltd by email on enquiries@DPF-fixer.co.uk